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Tottenham, Manchester United still haggling over Welbeck fee

The two clubs are £3m apart.

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Michael Regan

Tottenham Hotspur want to sign Danny Welbeck on loan from Manchester United, but they don't want to meet the Red Devils' demands. And even though there are less than seven hours remaining in the transfer window, the two clubs are still haggling.

According to Matt Law on the Telegraph's live blog, Spurs are unwilling to pay more than £2m to take Welbeck on loan. United are demanding £5m. Here's an interesting note from Law.

Everton paid around £2m to take Romelu Lukaku on loan from Chelsea last season and Spurs do not feel they should pay more for Welbeck, particularly as they would have to take on his £105,000-a-week wages.

That makes perfect sense. £105k per week, by the way, is a lot. That's more than Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela make. It's comparable to Roberto Soldado and Emmanuel Adebayor's wages. We'd have to do some digging to find out for sure, but it's possible that Welbeck would become our highest paid player.

Ultimately, United care more about getting wages off their books and pumping up Welbeck's future transfer value than sucking a loan fee out of Spurs. So they'll probably agree on a £2.5-3m fee and get this done.