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Tottenham not interested in Matija Nastasic

Manchester City are, reportedly, shopping Matija Nastasic and the list of suitors includes Arsenal, Everton and West Ham, but not Tottenham Hotspur.

Francois Nel

According to Sky Sports, Tottenham Hotspur are not interested in Manchester City defender Matija Nastasic. The Serbian defender has been linked with a number of clubs over the past 24 hours and has already turned down potential moves to West Ham and Everton. Many believed that this cleared the way for the player to sign with either Arsenal or Spurs. Except Spurs are dumb and don't want him.

Nastasic was really good in the 2012-13 season, but struggled with injuries last year and regressed a little, but he's a still young and an excellent defender; one that could make Tottenham Hotspur better right now. Nastasic is still just 21 years old and is an excellent ball playing defender. He's a good passer and is solid in the air. Nastasic is basically a bigger, better, Vlad Chiriches.

The one worry about Nastasic is wages. That's a worry with all City players though. I've seen places that have his wages at £75,000 per week, which would be near the top of the Tottenham wage scale. At this point, City need to sell to buy, so the question is are City going to buy?

It's silly for Spurs to not at least entertain the idea of bidding for Nastasic, especially if Arsenal are the only other club interested in him. Spurs certainly could use another solid defender that could be at the club for a long time and keeping him out of Arsenal's hands should provide even more motivation to buy him. Come on Spurs! Get that fax machine going!