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Danny Welbeck wants permanent transfer, not loan, and maybe not to Arsenal

Here's what we know about the Danny Welbeck situation: Nothing.

Clive Mason

Danny Welbeck was going to Arsenal like 10 minutes ago. They were going to pay the loan fee Manchester United, he was undergoing a medical with the Gunners and that was that.

Not so fast,

Now, Welbeck has no interest in a loan. If he is going anywhere, he wants it to be a permanent deal, which throws a wrench in the process because all the talk today has been for a loan.

Moreover, Arsenal are denying that Welbeck is undergoing a medical so nobody really knows what the forward's status is. Is he leaving Manchester United? How will he leave? Where will he go?

At this point, nobody seems to know.

Welbeck is training with England ahead of their friendly on Wednesday and the Three Lions' training is at Arsenal's training ground so it isn't tough to link the forward to the Gunners. How viable those links are remain a complete toss up.

Mauricio Pochettino clearly wants a forward or direct winger, and Welbeck is just that. With Jay Rodriguez and Sadio Mane looking unlikely, Welbeck may be Spurs' last chance to get the player Pochettino wants, upping the pressure to seal the deal.