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Stoke may end pursuit of Aaron Lennon

It appears as if Stoke have chosen Oussama Assaidi over Aaron Lennon.

Clive Rose

Stoke City may still want Aaron Lennon, but only if they can't wrap up Oussama Assaidi, according to Sky Sports News. The Potters have narrowed it down to Lennon and Assaidi, and it looks like Assaidi is going to be their choice, but if they can't wrap up a deal for him, they will turn to the Tottenham Hotspur man.

The Potters have prioritized Assaidi, but Lennon came into the picture when they couldn't sort out a transfer. For a while, it looked like Lennon may end up at Stoke, but then the Assaidi deal was restructured as a loan and Lennon ended up on the backburner again. That's where he sits now, waiting to see if Assaidi will go to Stoke and, if he does, Lennon will likely be out of luck.

Lennon is clearly on the outs at Tottenham. If he isn't sold, he will still play some, but he is unlikely to be first choice and presumably wants to go to a club where he will be. QPR were originally his most likely destination, but that talk has cooled and, as of now, it looks like Stoke or nothing. Of course, with more than three hours to go until the transfer deadline, things can change.