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Danny Welbeck to Tottenham Hotspur looks unlikely

Danny Welbeck may not be going anywhere after all.

Richard Heathcote

It's looking more and more like Tottenham Hotspur will not sign Danny Welbeck. In fact, it looks like they won't sign anyone, with Sky Sports News saying that the deal for the Manchester United forward is nearly dead.

Originally, Welbeck seemed set to join Spurs on loan for the season, and they were just waiting for Manchester United to buy Radamel Falcao so the Red Devils could let Welbeck go. Then, he was linked to Arsenal, who were supposedly having him in for a medical, but the Gunners quickly scrapped that, saying they never had a medical. Around the same time, Welbeck's agent said that the player wanted a permanent deal, not a loan.

So in the course of a day, Welbeck went from Spurs, to Arsenal, to no one because the loan deal that was going to facilitate it all was scrapped. This has been fun!

Meanwhile, Spurs have yet to sign the forward or direct winger that Mauricio Pochettino want and it's looking increasingly unlikely that they will. Welbeck looked like their last chance and that may be slipping away.