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Spurs reportedly make yet another Townsend plus cash bid for Jay Rodriguez

Oh boy.

Clive Rose

Every time I think we've dodged a bullet, Tottenham Hotspur go and reportedly make a bigger, dumber bid for Jay Rodriguez. This third one is being reported by noted football enthusiast Joe Prince-Wright on American site ProSoccerTalk. He claims that Spurs have increased their bid from £14m plus Andros Townsend to £15.5m plus Townsend.

Problem is, Southampton just signed Saido Mane, so they're probably not terribly interested in Townsend as a makeweight. They're already pretty good on the wings even if they do sell Rodriguez. But they did bid £12m for him before, so once again, this values Rodriguez at an absolutely ludicrous and nonsensical £27.5m.

So, once again, I point out that Rodriguez has had one great Premier League season. He is still recovering from a torn ACL. He has not played a match since tearing his ACL and will not be available to play a match for at least a month. He might not be as good as he was before. No one knows.

I hope this report turns out to be inaccurate.