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Morgan Schneiderlin is still upset Southampton wouldn't let him leave

Richard Heathcote

Morgan Schneiderlin wanted to join Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham Hotspur wanted to sign Morgan Schneiderlin.

When Spurs were willing to pony up for the midfielder, it seemed like all was good. This was going to happen and everyone would be happy. Schneiderlin would get the move he wanted, Spurs would get the player they wanted and Southampton would get paid a very fair amount.

Except Southampton said no. Tottenham moved on, signing Benjamin Stambouli, but Schneiderlin is still ticked off.

My situation was simple: At the end of the season my goal was to take the next step and join a club playing in the Champions League or the UEFA Cup.

I found an agreement to join another club that wasn't in the Champions League. I really did want to make a new start.

There were offers on the table but Southampton made a clear choice, which was to keep me after the departure of certain players. They look to me for the future.

I was 'blocked' but I must accept that because I have three years remaining on my contract. I could not afford to make a fuss and not play. I owe a lot to Southampton, who enabled me to make the France national team.

I could not afford to go and clash with supporters who have always been cool with me. It would not have cool for me to end up in an endless showdown.

It doesn't sound like Schneiderlin is going to be fine staying at Southampton long-term. Spurs have two defensive midfielders in Etienne Capoue and Stambouli, but that may not rule them out of bidding on Schneiderlin again next summer. He and Mauricio Pochettino still have a good relationship and Spurs are going out on a bit of limb with Capoue and Stambouli. This one may not be over.