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Stoke the latest team to join race for Spurs striker

Please tell me you have £100,000 per week for him too!

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Another team is in on Emmanuel Adebayor. And it's ... Stoke?

Apparently the Potters want the Tottenham Hotspur striker. According to the Mirror, Stoke would like to take on Adebayor and reunite him with Mark Hughes, who was the manager at Manchester City when the striker joined the club.

Hughes and Adebayor getting together again would make sense. The two got along pretty well before and Hughes was complimentary of the striker when asked earlier this season.

"He wasn’t difficult. I liked him as a guy, I thought he was a good character," Hughes said.

"There was always that feeling that he had everything you needed from a top striker. He has size, pace, power and ability on the ball. He’s the whole package when he wants to be."

Ah yes, that when he wants to be part. Spurs know it well and it's why -- among a few reasons -- that they would be willing to let him go.

The problem with selling Adebayor is his wages. He hasn't shown a willingness to take less money from any club so whoever buys him will have to pay his £100,000 per week wages. Tottenham haven't shown a willingness to sell him and still part part of his wages so buying Adebayor means taking on every pound of that.

Paris Saint-German were apparently interested in Adebayor, but the wages ended that interest. Harry Redknapp wants him at QPR, but they can't afford £100,000 a week. Those wages scuttled a move to AS Roma too.  Unfortunately, it's tough to imagine Stoke finding the cash for Adebayor's wages either.