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Aaron Lennon pulls out of Hull deal, will look for deal elsewhere

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Aaron Lennon's move to Hull City is off. The winger has decided that he will not go to the Tigers and will look to see who else is willing to take him on now, according to the Mirror.

It had been rumored that Lennon would join Hull on loan before the deadline, with the Tigers looking to make it a permanent move for £7 million in the summer. But Lennonis no longer interested in joining the club, apparently after watching them over the weekend and seeing how poor they were.

With Lennon no longer heading to Hull, the market should open up for him. Leicester City are expected to make a run at Lennon, although if he was turned off by how Hull played then it's tough to imagine him being happy with Leicester. Everton, Stoke, Swansea and Sunderland have all shown interest in Lennon before and are expected to get back in the mix now.

Lennon isn't going to play enough at Spurs to be able to sell him for much in the summer so getting him out on loan through the rest of the season so he can drum up some interest in the summer is probably the best move at this point.