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QPR favorites for Emmanuel Adebayor as Harry Redknapp gets money to spend

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Emmanuel Adebayor could be on his way to re-join Harry Redknapp. Queens Park Rangers have emerged as the favorites to sign Adebayor as Redknapp has gotten some funds to pay the striker, according to the Evening Standard.

Adebayor isn't playing at Spurs and with the way Harry Kane has been performing, the Togolese isn't going to play much anytime soon. That means he'd be happy to move and Tottenham would love to his wages wages off the books. But yes ... those wages.

The striker is on £100,000 per week, a figure that has scared other clubs off. Paris Saint-Germain, Roma and Stoke have all been in on Adebayor this month, but none were willing to pay his wages and it looked like QPR would end up in the same boat, but things have changes.

Redknapp has apparently been given additional funds that could make Adebayor realistic. The club don't want to buy anyone, but will take players on loan and may sign up Adebayor for the remainder of the season. If that lightens the Spurs wage bill, they'll probably be okay with it too and Redknapp -- who was the Spurs manager when Adebayor joined the club -- can be reunited with the striker once more.