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Lennon says no to one of three potential suitors

Stoke City and Hull City might sign Aaron Lennon, but Leicester City won't.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Aaron Lennon might be on his way out of White Hart Lane, but if he does leave, he won't be going to Leicester CityAccording to Stuart James on the Guardian transfer tracker, the diminutive Spurs winger has said no to the Foxes.

Just been told that Aaron Lennon has informed Leicester he will not be joining them. Stoke had told me previously that Lennon was "possible rather than probable". It would be a loan until the end of the season if it happens. Stoke seemed fairly relaxed about it. They would like to add Lennon but feel they've got a strong squad already and are comfortable in the table, so there is no great pressure to bring players in.

We'll be hearing about the other team in that update, Stoke City, until the window closes. Ben Smith of the BBC called the move '50-'50'. We've also heard about potential interest from Hull City, who have suffered injuries to wide players this season and definitely need some kind of boost.

Why Spurs would loan Lennon instead of keep him for depth if they can't sell him, I'm not entirely sure, but there are apparently two suitors left for him that he hasn't ruled out, and Spurs seem willing to listen to offers.