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Spurs striker going to West Ham. Or he's not. Or he is?

Maybe he'll pull a Peter Odemwingie and just show up at their training ground.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Emmanuel Adebayor is having a bad season for Tottenham Hotspur and he makes a lot of money. It would be good for both Ade and Spurs if he went somewhere else. Does he have potential suitor?!? Sup, Rory Smith of The Times.

Yay! Ade to West Ham United sounds like a cool thing for everyone. I see no reason why this deal shouldn't go throu...

Aww nuts.

Now, of course, "stalled" doesn't mean "dead". We are starting to get down to the wire here, but there's still plenty of time to make a deal. It wouldn't be a Levy deal if there wasn't haggling over the transfer or loan fee, and it wouldn't be surprising if West Ham demanded that Spurs pay a portion of Ade's wages. It seems unlikely that he'd take a pay cut or that West Ham would want to match what he makes.

Get ready to wait and wait and wait until this is confirmed done or off after the deadline is done.