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Spurs interested in Barcelona defender

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Martin Montoya was one of Barcelona's best young players when he was coming through their academy. He became a first teamer and even made as many as 24 appearances in a season, but now he's looking to get out and Tottenham Hotspur are one of the clubs sniffing around the defender.

Fiorentina have been the team most aggressive in chasing Montoya, reportedly bidding €12 million for the defender, but Barcelona rejected it. They had tough competition too, with AC Milan, Juventus, Liverpool and Juventus all sniffing around.

Oh yeah, that's a lot of clubs and most of them have more money than Spurs. Whoops.

Now it doesn't look like Montoya will go anywhere today and any move will have to wait until the summer, but Spurs may be involved again then. Montoya is a right-sided player, which is hardly a position of need with Kyle Walker and the newly signed DeAndre Yedlin, but it wouldn't be a shock if Spurs were able to get a fat return for Walker and cashed in, then took on Montoya.

Montoya is a good player, but it's tough to break through at Barcelona. While he played 24 times in 2012-13 and 19 times last season, he's made just six appearances this season. Now he wants a transfer and he'll probably get it eventually. Just not to Tottenham.