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Hugo Lloris is on the fence about staying or heading to Manchester United

Please don't go.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

By now, you know the story. Tottenham Hotspur failed to qualify for Champions League, so some of their top players might consider offers to play elsewhere. Real Madrid are expected to buy David De Gea. One of Manchester United's top options to replace him will be Hugo Lloris, who sounds willing to stick with Spurs, but uncommitted.

Lloris gave an interview with L'Equipe that was published on Tuesday, and The Guardian had a good English translation. Here's the part most relevant to a potential transfer or lack thereof.

"There is one important thing: there is a moment to think about yourself, to sit down and reflect, but when that moment has passed and the season starts, you're fully committed to the club's project and to the team [you're with]." Asked if that moment to reflect had now come, he added with a smile: "Voilà. But you don't control everything."

That last sentence is important. If a huge club aren't making a huge push for Lloris, he can't really force his way out, and he doesn't sound interested in making a big stink. If United or a similarly large club comes in, he'll have to consider his future. But he's not going to cross that bridge until he comes to it, and he's not there yet.

Lloris also denies the existence of a transfer clause that allows him to go to a Champions League side at a set price if Tottenham fails to make the competition, and he sounds unlikely to pull a Modric or Bale and sit out in protest if he's not sold to a bigger club. If he leaves, it'll be because Spurs got an offer so good they couldn't refuse. We'll find out in a few weeks whether that bid is a possibility.

Read the rest of the interview too -- it's a cool insight into Hugo's thinking, and he comes off as extremely professional.