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Spurs shopping underperforming winger under the radar?

Andros Townsend could leave to make way for a new signing, and find himself some more playing time a few spots down the table.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Well, here's a fun rumor. We've heard all summer that Andros Townsend is not one of the players that Tottenham Hotspur are trying to offload. This makes sense, even if Mauricio Pochettino doesn't really rate him, because he's 23 years old and homegrown. You don't sell players like that unless they really stink.

Well, Jason Burt of the Telegraph says you shouldn't necessarily believe everything you hear.

If this is the case, Spurs probably just want to make sure they don't sell him on the cheap. Acting like you value a player when you want to sell them off ASAP is a pretty good way to get a couple million extra pounds from the transfer fee.

So, this raises a couple of questions. What's it going to take to get Townsend off Spurs' hands? He recently put in a couple of very good performances for England, which always hilariously inflates the value of players. Spurs reportedly rejected an offer of £15m from Southampton on deadline day last summer, but that was probably just them being jerks regarding our not taking them seriously when they said Jay Rodriguez and Morgan Schneiderlin were not for sale. If someone bid that much this summer, Daniel Levy and co. would probably accept.

Question two, who are the teams who tell Burt that Townsend is for sale? Does anyone have any guesses as to who's negotiating for him, or who Spurs have offered him to?

Give us your best in the comments. Who's after Townsend and how much are they going to bid?