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Tottenham whiffs as Belgian international winger heads to Spain

You can't save them all, Hasselhoff.

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Michael Steele/Getty Images

The week has been a kind one to Tottenham Hotspur, but the transfer window can be a cruel mistress sometimes. Today, Atletico Madrid, whom we just finished up doing business with by signing Toby Alderweireld, have come to terms on both transfer fee and wages with AS Monaco winger Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco.

Kristof Terreur, who has quickly established himself as a very solid source in regards to Belgian players, was following this story and ended up breaking it rather quickly once things were finalized today:

He's worth a follow on Twitter because, in a world of terrible sources and hilarious rumors, Terreur seems to have inside sources that he trusts, and he wasn't wrong any step of the way with this or Alderweireld. The real disappointing part about this is the transfer fee, which if Terreur is to be believed, wasn't for nearly what was reported earlier in this story.

There is some speculation as to whether or not this is the case.  ESPN FC is saying it was actually €20m with add-ons for the Belgian winger, but who knows for sure unless the club releases the information directly?

For now, we know that Spurs were somewhat involved with this but may have been scared off with an early high fee and had to focus elsewhere.  If it was for just £11m, though, I feel like this was an opportunity missed.

In the end, onward and upward.  Maybe Shaqiri now that Stoke has reportedly pulled out of that deal?