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Tottenham battling Sevilla, Monaco and Porto for Spanish international striker

Fernando Llorente is on the market. Are Spurs really interested?

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

You might have heard out there on them internets that Tottenham Hotspur are close to signing Fernando Llorente from Juventus.

Hey, that would be kind of cool! Too bad that's not actually what Sport Mediaset are reporting right now. Here's their most recent update on Llorente's situation -- I did my best to clean up a Google Translate job, here's the original for folks who read Italian.

Half of Europe is lined up to sign Fernando Llorente. First it was Real Madrid, but with the passing of time, Monaco and Tottenham are also in for the Juventus striker. Now Porto has also popped up, and they would like the Spaniard to replace Jackson Martinez, who went to Atletico Madrid.

So, yes, Tottenham are interested according to Sports Mediaset. And Juventus are willing to sell, so I'm sure we'll be able to speak to him about a contract soon if we really want to. But we're in a fight with a bunch of other teams for Llorente, and his decision could come down to something that has nothing to do with prestige or money. If he'd rather go live tax free in Monaco or play in the Champions League with Porto, he can do that. Those are totally legit reasons to not pick Spurs.

As far as fit ... I'm not sure. Is he really going to love being a backup to Harry Kane? Do we need a true target man? Should Spurs really pay a significant fee for a 30-year-old? There's a lot to dislike about this move, even if Llorente is quality.

Between the source and the fact that Llorente's profile doesn't really fit what we're usually looking for, this is a pretty Batcountry rumor. I'd be surprised if Llorente signed for Spurs.