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Spurs make £15m bid for Berahino; it's instantly rejected

This is now a saga, and will continue to be one.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

If you were concerned that our Fearsome Transfer Foursome wasn't being aggressive enough in the market, fear not! It appears that we have finally made a real, genuine bid for Saido Berahino, the West Bromwich Albion forward we've been reportedly chasing all window, but haven't actually made a formal bid for.

That is, until today! John Percy of the Telegraph is reporting we've finally thrown down £15 million.

Of course, that was always unlikely to get Berahino in the door by this weekend. It's already been turned down, but that doesn't mean the saga is over.

Such is the transfer market. We make a bid below the price we're willing to pay for Berahino because we know West Brom will reject the first bid anyway, but we make it high enough as to not insult them. All the unsourced rumors have West Brom demanding £25m for Little Bear, so inevitably we'll pay something like £20 million plus extra money if he scores 20 goals or we make Champions League. All three parties will be happy.

Tottenham Hotspur need a forward, it looks like this is our guy, and I'm pretty happy with that. Let's hope it doesn't take until August 31 to get it done, though.