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Tottenham make 4th bid for Saido Berahino, it's instantly rejected

This has gotten downright ridiculous.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Fam, Transfer Deadline Day is here, and it's lit. Tottenham Hotspur are not giving up on signing West Bromwich Albion striker Saido Berahino, but it does not appear to matter. Look at how quickly these two tweets came down. This was instant. Love it.

Considering the reported structure of our previous bid, it is unsurprising that West Brom just told us to get bent.

We thought it was over when the third bid rejected, but it was not over. I want to say it's over now, too, but there's a good chance it's still not over. Daniel Levy is a stubborn dude, and he's clearly pretty annoyed. And I can't imagine how Berahino feels about all this.

One hour left until the deadline.