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Lather, rinse, repeat: Harry Kane says he's not leaving Tottenham

I've written this article before. I will likely write it many times again in the future.

Harry Hubbard/Getty Images

Are you one of those Tottenham Hotspur fans that is still worried that Harry Kane is going to leave Spurs for Manchester United? It's okay, you're among friends here, and there are lots of you (we should really found a support group). In the meantime, let Harry himself help assuage your concerns, again, since he's done it several times previously. Here's what he had to say in a press conference when asked if Tottenham was in his long-term future:

"Yes, definitely. There are always going to be rumors flying around but I'm happy here. The club is in a good shape, we have a great future and I'm raring to go so we will see what happens.

"We have got a lot of young players raring to go who are getting better and better with each game and that is all we have got to do. Keep working hard on the training field, we are getting better and more experienced the more we play and I think we can only get better."

We keep talking and talking about this over and over again, but no matter how many times the club and Harry say that he doesn't want to leave, we will continue to see stories and rumors linking him away from White Hart Lane. And that's fine. He's one of the best strikers in world football, so until he amasses enough time at the club (a la Steven Gerrard) that it becomes clear he's a Tottenham lifer, you should get used to it. And we'll keep repeating the incredibly awesome things that Harry Kane says in public that refutes these claims.

Harry Kane doesn't want to leave Tottenham. That will continue to be true, until it isn't. In the meantime, there should be enough evidence here to put your mind at ease... at least until the opening of this summer's transfer window.