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Fulham and Tottenham close to deal for striker Moussa Dembele

The young Fulham striker could be had for a fee of between £4-6m.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Top on the want-lists of many Tottenham Hotspur supporters in the January transfer window is young Fulham striker Moussa Dembele. Not only because he's one "s" away from having the exact same name as Spurs' midfielder Mousa Dembele (and how cool would that be, really) but because he's a young and talented striker with upside, and a back-up to Harry Kane.

Today, Sky Sports understands that Fulham is "prepared to sell" Dembele to Spurs for a fee between £4-6m, and that Spurs would not be required to loan "Twossa" back to Fulham for the rest of the season.

There's a couple of things to keep in mind about this report. First, "prepared to sell" is a bit weasely: it implies that Spurs have not yet actually made this bid, or any bids for Dembele for that matter, only that Fulham are resigned to sell him before the window shuts, because with his contract expiring this summer they'll never be able to get more money for him than they will right now. So there's strong anecdotal evidence that Spurs will make a bid, but it hasn't actually happened yet.

Secondly, this is most definitely not an indication that Spurs are going to get their man even if they do bid. Twossa's representatives have reportedly already made contact with Monaco and Wolfsburg for pre-contract talks, and Everton are also apparently interested in him. Ultimately it might come down to where Dembele wants to go.

Finally, prior reports were pretty adamant that Fulham, who aren't allowed to purchase players under a transfer ban, wanted Twossa back on loan for the rest of the year to help them stay in the Championship. Dembele has scored nine league goals this season for the Cottagers and is an important member of the squad. Losing him would be a blow.

So there are reasons to be skeptical of this, but if true, it'd be a pretty nice get for Tottenham. The rumors about Twossa are hotting up with five days left in the window. This one could go to the wire. Watch this space.