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Tottenham and West Brom agree "deal in principle" for Saido Berahino

Here we go again. But maybe this time it's for real.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Tottenham Hotspur are interested in signing West Brom forward Saido Berahino. I know! This was news to me too! Only this time there seems to be an actual "gentleman's agreement" in place. The Guardian's David Hytner is reporting that Spurs and West Brom have reached a "deal in principle" that will send Little Bear to White Hart Lane when the summer transfer window opens after season's end.

Saido hasn't been at his best this season, and you can argue whether that's down to player motivation or his performances regressing to the mean. Saido has certainly made no secret of the fact that he really doesn't want to be a Baggie for any longer than he has to. That said, he's made the right noises about having made up with  WBA chairman Jeremy Peace and manager Tony Pulis

Hytner is cagey on details like fees, wages, and length of contract, probably because those things haven't been worked out yet. So there's still a chance that this could fall on its face. However, just getting Daniel Levy and Jeremy Peace to agree that, yeah, this guy should be sold is a huge accomplishment considering last summer's transfer window saga and the (less heated) continuance in January. What seems clear is that Spurs still want Berahino, Saido still wants to come to Spurs, and that both clubs are willing to actually sit down and work out a deal to make it happen.

I still contend that Berahino would be an excellent backup to Harry Kane, and would fit in very well with this young and dynamic squad of Tottenham players. He joins a crowded Tottenham attack, but with Spurs very likely competing in multiple competitions including the Champions League, there will be plenty of matches for him, and his presence as a forward who can play up top and on the wing will allow him to slot into a wide variety of roles. And with his West Brom contract expiring at the end of 2017, it's likely that, whatever price is finally agreed upon, it will be less than the £25m Spurs bid for him last summer.

I know, twice bitten thrice shy (or something like that). I'm skeptical too. Only time will tell if this actually happens, but this does have an air of authenticity about it. Cue up the Maurice Sendak photoshops, because Spurs just might be getting their Little Bear after all.