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Everton beat Spurs to Moussa Sissoko, who's heading to Merseyside for a medical

Well that changed quickly.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Here's your shot.

And here's your chaser.

It sounds like negotiations have been going on all day for Moussa Sissoko between Newcastle and both Spurs and Everton. At some point, Everton apparently decided to offer up something that was acceptable to Newcastle. Now Sissoko -- who is (or was) in London -- will head to Merseyside for a medical less than three hours before the transfer window closes.

Folks, there's no dancing around this. Everton SWOOPED. We got GAZUMPED. Our bid was HIJACKED. Quite the deadline day we've got here. I look forward to seeing which random midfielders we're linked to in the next three hours.

UPDATE: lol nothing is real