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Real Madrid making Mateo Kovacic available for sale this summer


Villarreal CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images

Yesterday I posted a Daniel Levy’s Imaginary Shortlist article about Real Madrid midfielder Mateo Kovacic, saying that he’s the heir to Luka Modric and is exactly what Tottenham Hotspur needs in the summer transfer window, but that Madrid is unlikely to sell.

I was half right. Today the Evening Standard is running a short story that says Madrid is now shopping Kovacic around to various European clubs, including Spurs, as they seek to raise funds for a world-record bid for Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe.

Here’s what the Standard said about Tottenham’s potential interest:

Spurs have been made aware that Kovacic is available, but his contract demands could prove to be a stumbling block given Spurs' rigid wage structure compared to their Premier League title rivals.

​Any potential sale of Kovacic would hand Madrid valuable funds as they explore the possibility of making a world-record move for Monaco's Kylian Mbappe, who is also wanted by Arsenal.

Player wages as reported on the internet are decidedly lol, but a quick search reveals that it’s possible Kovacic is currently making around £60k/week, which is right in Tottenham’s wheelhouse. The problem, as it is whenever a major player becomes available, is less what Tottenham can pay, and more that there are undoubtedly going to be clubs circling that same player that can offer a lot more than Spurs.

If Kovacic really is available, Spurs would be foolish not to make a play for him, even if it costs them a lot of money and puts him immediately at the top of their wage structure. He’s worth it.

I am literally salivating at the prospect of Mateo Kovacic in lilywhite next season, but that’s putting the cart way, WAY in front of the horse. Even if Spurs are interested, pessimistic me doesn’t think we have much of a chance of nabbing him unless a bunch of other, bigger, richer clubs inexplicably pass on him.

But I’m telling Pessimist Me to shut up, because I want this guy. Like, really badly. Damn the torpedoes! Do it, Daniel Levy, get it done!