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Report: Real Madrid give up on Harry Kane because of his “introverted nature”


Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

We’ve been waiting for an article like this for a long time, and it’s finally arrived: a transfer rumor report from the Spanish media that suggests that Real Madrid are giving up on Harry Kane.

But while AS is now reporting that Madrid are likely to turn their hungry and voracious gaze upon Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski in a deal that could cost them as much as £80m, it’s the reason WHY they say they’re moving on from Kane that’s the kicker. Apparently, it’s because Harry is too introverted.

Lewandowski as the priority means that Madrid have pushed back on the idea of signing Harry Kane. The club felt that the Tottenham would put an exorbitant price on the English striker’s head and there were also concerns that his introverted nature could make it difficult for him to adapt to new surroundings, as has been seen before.

— Manu Sainz,

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL yeah, I’m sure that’s the reason.

OK, so there’s history to suggest that English players don’t adapt well to La Liga on the rare occasions that they do head over there. You can look at Gareth Bale, and before him Michael Owen, as examples of extremely good English footballers who struggled to adapt to life and football in Spain. Though, as a counterweight, David Beckham did pretty well.

Kane is — and I mean this in the best possible sense — a pretty basic guy. It doesn’t strike me as that odd to think that there’s a chance that he could be a bit of a fish out of water, at least initially.

However, I also find it absolutely hilarious that this is being used by the Spanish media, which never shies away from linking the world’s best players to Madrid and Barcelona, as a primary excuse for backing off on the pursuit of Kane. I mean, the primary reason is that Spurs would either flat-out not sell, or would demand such an ginormous fee for him that it would make even Florentino Perez blanch. Throwing in the “Oh, he’s too introverted” just comes across as sour grapes, a Spanish media-driven “We didn’t really want him anyway.”

But in the end, it sounds like even the media is starting to realize that Madrid’s not going to get their man. Which is fine by me, no matter how they spin it.